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Sarah Clarke-Rowinski – Pursuing a Passion

Sarah Clarke-Rowinski has played a pivotal role in the dance community in Fredericton. She brings her experience, passion and knowledge to the next generation of dancers! Upon finding her passion, in dance, she knew it would be a big part of her future. Having lived in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and British Columbia, as well as studying dance in New York – Fredericton was not where she expected to end up. A family trip resulted in her meeting her husband, and settling down in New Brunswick!

Sarah opened her dance studio, X-treme Dance bringing her passion, experience and knowledge to the Fredericton community. Sarah provides great perspective on the level of commitment and hard work required to build a business but as Sarah notes, if you are passionate about what you are doing it does not seem like work.

If you want to join Sarah’s dance community or learn more about X-treme dance you can check out the website:

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