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The Drop – What is it all about?

Thank you for checking out The Drop! The goal of our podcast is to give a voice to the many change makers who are doing amazing work here in the province. Often, New Brunswick is associated with being a ‘have not’ province – but we think it is pretty great and we want to share the amazing resources and stories of people we have met on our entrepreneurial journeys!

Each of us involved in the project, were part of the 2016-2017 Student Ambassador cohort of the Pond Deshpande Centre. This program encourages people to think about social entrepreneurship and innovation. Participating in this program was like stepping into another world – we were exposed to an entirely different Fredericton and New Brunswick! If you are a university student in New Brunswick I recommend you apply for the Student Ambassador Program! It was one of the highlights of my university experience – it’s even better than the cellar spin dip. For real.

This project was born following a trip to explore the entrepreneurial eco-system in Boston. I was reflecting on the places we have visited, the people we met and the amazing work they were doing. I was totally amazed. I loved how their ventures were focused not just on profit, but also on people and the planet – thinking beyond just the bottom line. I wanted to share what I had learned about the entrepreneurial landscape in the province, and all the cool things I discovered that were already happening! I pitched the idea to the group and Tiz and Hannah and they were possibly even more excited than me! Things accelerated from there… and here we are, you are reading this!

What you can expect from The Drop is highlighted in our ‘teaser episode’. We will work to have conversations with people working in the eco-system, and share resources that may be helpful to you in blog posts like this! Through our social media we home to start a conversation about entrepreneurship, and also share current events. Our goal is to make the entrepreneurial journey more accessible! If you have an idea or you want to be involved in the social entrepreneurial space we would love to hear from you!

We can’t wait to see what happens from here, and what more we discover. Like with any business, we don’t know what will happen but we are very excited for the adventure!

We hope you join us on our journey!

– Serena

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